Western Aircraft, a Greenwich AeroGroup Company, announced today that it is now stocking flight controls for Pilatus PC-12 Legacy and NextGen airframes.
Western Aircraft’s Parts Distribution stocks thousands of parts, including FAA-approved line items, rotable components, modification kits and now flight controls. Additionally, they have added elevators, rudders, ailerons and flaps for Pilatus PC-12 aircraft complete with 8130s.
“We’re thrilled to offer our PC-12 customers more complete, personal service by way of flight control inventory,” said Western Aircraft’s Director of Aircraft Services Jody Harris. “Stocking these parts on site means we have more time for our valued MRO customers and enables a much shorter downtime for their aircraft.”
Western Aircraft offers structure and composite repair services at its facility in Boise, as well as repair and restoration on aircraft flight control surfaces to OEM specifications.
Flight controls on a Pilatus PC-12 are cable driven and different from other aircraft in that, due to smaller aileron size, it doesn’t use spoilers for roll control. Servo tabs on the ailerons work together with pitch and rudder forces as well as the flaps to complete the flight control parts list. Repairs on flight controls are performed as needed as well as during regularly scheduled maintenance. Modifications are not performed unless they’re part of a service bulletin or STC.

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