DAC International Introduces Industry First Cockpit Interface Solution for iPad and Tablet Computers

DAC International, a Greenwich AeroGroup company, introduces the first of its kind in the industry – an interface unit to bridge between a Class II Electronic Flight Bag Tablet computer and aircraft power and data.


DAC’s Engineering and Certification Division designed the high quality interface solution called GDC64. The GDC64 is a type designed approved product certified for use on Part 25 business jets and air transport category aircraft. As such, it is approved for connection to any of the aircraft’s +28 volt power busses, and with four ARINC 429 input ports, the GDC64 can provide a wealth of information to the iPad or other Tablet computers, including navigation and air data information.


“As Tablet computers like the iPad, Android and others find more and more uses in the cockpit, from weight and balance calculators to aeronautical charts with weather overlays, the GDC64 is an indispensible addition,” said Vice President of Sales for DAC International Francisco Hernandez. “Our ECD division is continually looking for certified solutions for our customer’s data and power connectivity needs.”


The GDC64 power supply is designed to provide the necessary protections for the lithium-ion battery in a Class II tablet while the ARINC 429 inputs isolate the Tablet from the critical aircraft data systems while making this useful data available to software applications running on the iPad or other Tablet computers.


The GDC64 is scheduled for availability in early 2012.


View PDF version.


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